Now booking for 2018 - including gigs, promo shoots, etc!

Available for touring starting in August 2018.

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I fell in love with concert photography while crouching in a cramped, hot, dark photo pit about two feet wide, feeling the music vibrating through the metal barrier and hearing the excited fans shout the lyrics to their favorite songs. 

Ever since, I have had many opportunities to experience that over and over again, including well-known bands and local acts. I have 3 years of experience with shooting shows, along with a journalism degree focusing on writing and photojournalism.

I don't often get the chance to do other types of photography, but I have also done senior photos, headshots, a wedding, promotional materials for musicians, and news photojournalism for both online and on air. I also have experience in producing broadcast news.

At this time, my gear includes a Nikon D5200, 35mm lens (F/1.8), and occasionally an 18-55mm lens. (My next upgrade will be a new camera body). 

Editing: Lightroom/Photoshop. Photos in 2017/2018 were edited on a Macbook Pro.

I shoot mostly for 100% Rock Magazine and Knoxville Music Warehouse. Some galleries can also be found on Anything else is through the venue, promoter or shows where I did not need credentials.