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Seether "Posion the Parish" Album Review

July 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

(Echo-Asylum.com) -- South African rock band Seether has released their new album Poison the
Parish, nearly three years after Isolate and Medicate. It’s the band’s seventh album,
produced by frontman Shaun Morgan under his brand new label imprint, Canine Riot

In February, the band announced this album with the release of “Let You Down,”
which accurately sets the mood for the rest of the tracks. Poison the Parish is gritty,
aggressive, and brooding with a message that makes the listener think about societal
influences through comparisons to religion. The album is darker and heavier than recent
music from Seether, and it will remind listeners of the band’s earlier records.

Seether fans will find this album very familiar. Most of the tracks do not break
away from the usual Seether mold of simple riffs and aggressive vocals. It is a longer
album with 15 songs, which is a little lengthy considering how most songs have a similar
sound. However, this is an album that demands to be listened to all at once because it
does flow well.

Seether’s influences also come through, bringing the band’s familiar sound that
dominated rock radio during the 2000s. The album also incorporates familiar sounds
from other bands like Nirvana, Chevelle, and Tool without sounding like a copy.
 “Something Else” is one of the standouts for me on Poison the Parish. It’s a mid-
tempo song with dark, crooning lyrics. “Emotionless” gives me the same feeling. These
are songs where I feel like Shaun Morgan’s vocals have the perfect blend of softness
and aggression.

Instrumentally, I feel like Poison the Parish was produced with heaviness in mind,
and that doesn’t always mean being loud and fast. The guitars, drums, and bass are
simple, creating a blend that is easy on the ears. Sometimes simplicity is the better
choice, and Seether uses it well on this album.

One striking part of the listening experience for me is the discussion of mental
health. Many of the lyrics also discuss topics like depression and anxiety, in addition to
societal pressures. This is not new for Seether, since Shaun Morgan is known for his
involvement in suicide awareness with his annual Rise Above Fest. Since Seether is
performing at the festival, this album will provide plenty of material to support the cause.
It runs July 22-23 at Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor, Maine.

Overall, this album is a solid Seether album that any fan could appreciate.
Personally, I would have liked to see them break the mold a little and produce a few
tracks that stand out, like their previous hits “Careless Whisper,” “Country Song,” or
“Broken.” However, it is refreshing to see them return to heavier roots and produce a
solid hard rock album. I give it 8/10.


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